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Bouquet de Fleurs

Bouquet de Fleurs

Wool, Viscose, Bamboo
Limited Edition (7 Copies)
# 15
Ref.: 2021-Création#12-Bouquetdefleur21

Hand-tufted rug created in with a loop pile sheared to produce a flat pile surface. This type of rug is produced by craftsmen who draw the design on the canvas which will become the area rug anchor backing. Craftsmen tufts the area rug using a “tufting gun” to insert various coloured yarns into a backing. area rugs manufactured in this manner may be either “cut”, “loop”, or “cut and loop” finish, and varying pile heights may be used within the area rug to achieve textured effect.
Hand-tufted area rugs are among the most sumptuous type of rugs made where the original painting from Munana is transcribed, either in the depth, relief …
Bouquet de Fleurs