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Munana Gatera is first and foremost a curious being, insatiable for experiences. A self-taught artist, blessed by the Muses, Munana’s creativity knows no bounds.

Born in Burundi, raised between Rwanda, Congo and Belgium, working between Lisbon and Brussels, Munana Gatera is a self-taught artist who likes to play with different crafts and techniques. A serial creator at heart, he does not like to label himself a designer or a painter but rather considers himself a creator of emotions who takes on any creative endeavour his soul calls for. 

At twenty-five years old, Munana interrupts his career as a model and stylist to teach himself how to paint. These first creation, both abstract and figurative, will inspire his first textile and design works. He will collaborate with Didden & Co for an art rug collection, for Mais il est où le soleil? on a scarf collection. He will then move on to create his eponymous brand and sign a collection of scarves, a collection of hand-made kimonos, and other experiments remained unreleased.

He has collaborated with name brands and independent designers before creating his own namesake brand in 2014.

Vase_Rwandan_Woman white copy


In his work Munana tries to mend the past and the present, he removes the canvas from the frame and weaves it like a primitive totem. He wants to elongate his line and stretch it out into eternity, into the infinity of the cosmos. His experiments with paper are in direct continuity with this search. He sculpts paper without ever framing it, just paper in its noble simplicity. These new pieces, often taking up entire walls, are as much decorative piece as they are portals to another world.



Munana always refuses to define himself and his work, preferring the flow of creativity unobstructed. He is like the water of the river in which you never bathe twice. Our artist is a cosmic child who plays with colors and materials dictated by his instinct, commanded by his visions. Like the river, Munana goes where the wind and the terrain take him.

Munana Gatera - Atelier d'Art et Couture Signature