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Atelier Munana Gatera is proud to present a collection of six unique RUGS, designed by Munana, from a transcription of all, or a portion of his artworks.

Atelier Munana Gatera carries out an original (re)creation and establishes a bridge between the authenticity of the plastic art of a singular creative artist, and original high-end creations by bringing a unique style.

Each RUG is limited to seven numbered sealed copies, accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. RUGS are handmade in Europe following long-lived traditional Portuguese techniques.


RUG Munana Gatera tuft


Returning after much time spent pondering and creating…

Bringing Art, Design, Fashion & People together.

Bouquet de Fleur RUG Munana Gatera 200 300
handmade with care RUG Munana Gatera tuft


Hand-tufted rug created in with a loop pile sheared to produce a flat pile surface. This type of rug is produced by craftsmen who draw the design on the canvas which will become the area rug anchor backing.

Craftsmen tufts the area rug using a “tufting gun” to insert various colored yarns into a backing. area rugs manufactured in this manner may be either “cut”, “loop”, or “cut and loop” finish, and varying pile heights may be used within the area rug to achieve textured effect.

The original paintings and artwork from Munana Gatera are therefore transcribed with its singular colors and designs, either in the depth or relief by seasoned and passionate craftsmen.

handmade with care RUG Munana Gatera tuft
Munana Gatera - Atelier d'Art et Couture Signature